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Fastener Types

Harken drawing showing different types of fasteners.

Glossary of Terms

Terms and descriptions used to define Harken products and materials.

Knot Tying Resources

Using Knots to Secure Hardware. Knots listed in Harken instructions are secure knots if tied correctly using Harken supplied line and inspected regularly.

Traveler Maintenance Video with McLube OneDrop™

Chris Larson demonstrates Harken traveler maintenance and the benefits of McLube OneDrop ball bearing conditioner.

Rig Dimensions

Abbreviations often used to describe various measurements on a sailboat.

Reeving Diagrams

Reeving Diagrams using Harken Blocks

Drilling Guide

Harken Drilling Guide: Metric & Imperial

Block Loading vs. Angle of Deflection

Harken Loading Formulas: Block loading vs Angle of Deflection

5:1 Right-Angle Reeving Dead-End On Becket

8:1 40 mm, 57 mm, 75 mm Carbo

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