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18 mm Switch Headboard Car Assembly

Part No. HC7906
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Maximum sail area - monohull (m²)40 m²
Maximum sail area - monohull (ft²)450 ft²
Maximum sail area - multihull (m²)30 m²
Maximum sail area - multihull (ft²)325 ft²
Maximum working load (kg)318 kg
Maximum working load (lb)700 lb

Battcar switch systems cut sail stack height in half by automatically splitting cars onto two tracks. The 18 mm car bodies are built of fiber-reinforced, lubricated plastic that is UV stabilized with black additive for maximum protection.

Length (mm)198 mm
Length (in)7 3/16 in
Width (mm)42 mm
Width (in)1 21/32 in
Weight (g)359 g
Weight (oz)12.8 oz
Weight (kg)0.359 kg
Maximum headboard thickness (mm)14 mm
Maximum headboard thickness (in)9/16 in
Maximum sail area - monohull (m²)40 m²
Maximum sail area - monohull (ft²)450 ft²
Maximum sail area - multihull (m²)30 m²
Maximum sail area - multihull (ft²)325 ft²
Maximum working load (kg)318 kg
Maximum working load (lb)700 lb
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