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Part No. CLR1200EC
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Boat length (m)18.3 - 27.4 m
Boat length (ft)60 - 90 ft
Maximum working load (kg)1200 kg
Maximum working load (lb)2640 lb

No other retracting, flush-mounted winch has offered the power-for-size ratio offered by the CLR. It stows completely belowdeck and occupies 40% less horizontal and less than 50% of the vertical space required by the previous market leaders. The CLR weighs just 33% of its competition while delivering comparable mechanical advantage.

This compact form makes it possible for yachts to mount two CLR winches at the stern quarters and one in the bow. Together, three CLRs can reduce the need for engine and thruster power while helping crews moor stern-to-dock.

The CLR employs unprecedented winch drum geometry. Five aluminum columns rotate together around a center axis. Working together, they create a very light drum that provides substantially more line-holding power and low-speed torque than would be available using a traditional drum.

The CLR offers internal LED lights at the bottom of each column for use in low-light mooring situations.

1200 kg (2645.5 lb) max pulling force for boats from 18.2 m - 27.4 m (59.7' – 89.9').

Boat length (m)18.3 - 27.4 m
Boat length (ft)60 - 90 ft
Weight (kg)26 kg
Weight (lb)57.3 lb
Maximum line speed (m/min)23 m/min
Maximum line speed (ft/min)75.5 ft/min
Maximum working load (kg)1200 kg
Maximum working load (lb)2640 lb
A (mm)237 mm
A (in)9 5/16 in
B minimum (mm)15 mm
B minimum (in)5/8 in
B maximum (mm)55 mm
B maximum (in)2 5/32 in
C (mm)127 mm
C (in)5 in
D (mm)250 mm
D (in)9 13/16 in
E (mm)174 mm
E (in)6 7/8 in
F (mm)120 mm
F (in)4 3/4 in
G (mm)352 mm
G (in)13 7/8 in
H (mm)347 mm
H (in)13 11/16 in
Manual: CLR Mooring Winch Manual (open/save)
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