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40 mm Switch Non-locking Headboard Car Assembly

Part No. 3921
$3,275.35NEW!  Not available on-line. Please contact your Harken dealer.
Maximum sail area - monohull (m²)350 + m²
Maximum sail area - monohull (ft²)3780 + ft²
Maximum sail area - multihull (m²)275 + m²
Maximum sail area - multihull (ft²)2400 + ft²

Harken’s award-winning Switch T-Track Battcar system cuts the stack height of mainsails on large yachts by half, making it much easier for crew to put on sail covers and to connect/disconnect halyards. This simple, yet sophisticated patented switch system neatly stacks cars side-by-side on top of the boom. Cars run on low-friction plastic slides. Cars are Hard Lube-anodized and UV-stabilized for durability.

Available in black or clear anodized.

Length (mm)349 mm
Length (in)13 3/4 in
Width (mm)89 mm
Width (in)3 1/2 in
Weight (g)4280 g
Weight (oz)151 oz
Weight (kg)4.28 kg
Weight (lb)9.44 lb
Maximum sail area - monohull (m²)350 + m²
Maximum sail area - monohull (ft²)3780 + ft²
Maximum sail area - multihull (m²)275 + m²
Maximum sail area - multihull (ft²)2400 + ft²
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