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Unit 1 Reflex

Unit 1 Reflex™ Furling — Drive Unit

Part No. 7351.10BASE
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The patented Reflex system provides sailors confidence that their free-flying asymmetrical spinnakers, gennakers, and code sails will furl completely with speed and control. The quick-release modular T-fitting allows a single drive unit to handle multiple sails. Torlon® ball bearings reduce friction. The flexible polycarbonate alloy cowling allows rope to be easily fed into the drive sheave without tools and keeps rope captive. Offset holes in the drive sheave grip rope securely when furling. The stripper and feeder work together to prevent furling line from jamming.

Line Ø (mm)6 mm
Line Ø (in)1/4 in
Maximum working load (kg)1500 kg
Maximum working load (lb)3300 lb
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