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DrSails® Adhesives

DrSail Mini Pocket Repair Adhesive — 5 ml Single-Use Packet

Part No. DSMPK
$5.40  Not available on-line. Please contact your Harken dealer.

Strong and flexible, this quick-curing, shock-resistant adhesive bonds to almost anything: sailcloth, fabric, fiberglass, composites, and metals. DrSails cures underwater — perfect for repairs below the waterline.

The two-part quick-curing DrSails Repair Adhesive comes in 10 ml, 25 ml and 265 ml cartridges or 5 ml and 10 ml blister packs that easily fit in a shirt or pants pocket.

Size (ml)5 ml
Size (oz)0.2 oz
Weight (g)10 g
Weight (oz)0.35 oz
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