Each electric winch requires one control box, one breaker, and two switches. Harken recommends adding an optional load controller. For winches larger than B980, please contact Harken. Hydraulic units require two switches.

Electric Switches

The BRS102 simple waterproof switches operate by finger or foot. A safety cover prevents accidental activation. Available in black composite or stainless steel.

Revolving Control Switches

These unique switches feature covers that rotate, hiding or exposing control buttons for fail-safe protection against accidental activation. The design does not have a top lid that opens for operation, allowing switches to be installed vertically or close to cockpit corners. Integrated lighting provides visibility at night to identify control location and mode. Switches use an adhesive mounting system for fast installation. Switches come in two models.

Single Function: The single-function switch adjusts so a finger-sized button is accessible, or so the entire switch is exposed for foot or palm activation. In off mode, the switch holds a sailor’s full weight without activating.

Dual-Function: The dual-function switch occupies only half the deck space of similar single controls, with two buttons housed in a single space-saving system—a compact solution for furlers, 2-speed winches, and up/down anchor controls.

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