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27 mm Car — Shackle, Cam Cleats

Part No. 1628
$483.55  In Stock
Length (mm)232 mm
Length (in)9 1/8 in
Maximum working load (kg)816 kg
Maximum working load (lb)1800 lb

Designed for cockpit-mounted cruising installations and similar setups, the 1628 and 1629 cars with Carbo-Cams allow traveler control cleating at the car instead of the track ends. On-car cleating paired with single-sheave end controls leave room for you to open the lazarette. They also increase purchase from 2:1 to 3:1 compared to systems trimmed from single-sheave end controls.

Length (mm)232 mm
Length (in)9 1/8 in
Width (mm)111 mm
Width (in)4 3/8 in
Weight (g)730 g
Weight (oz)25.76 oz
Maximum working load (kg)816 kg
Maximum working load (lb)1800 lb
Breaking load (kg)2268 kg
Breaking load (lb)5000 lb
Purchase/end controls 3:1 / 1631 
Minimum curved track radius (m)2.44 m
Minimum curved track radius (ft)8 ft
Manual: 4999.pdf (open/save)
Drawing - DWG: 1628.dwg (open/save)
Drawing - DXF: 1628.dxf (open/save)
3D drawing - IGS: 1628.igs (open/save)

DO NOT use Harken equipment for human suspension unless product is specifically certified and labeled for such use.

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