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Rig Dimensions

The following abbreviations are often used to describe various measurements on a sailboat. Precise technical definitions exist for each abbreviation, but the following is a list of simple descriptions.

LOA Length Overall - overall tip-to-tip length of the boat
LWL Length Waterline - length of waterline of the boat
DWL Design Waterline -theoretical waterline length of boat as opposed to LWL, which is actual waterline length
BMX Beam Maximum - width of the boat at the widest point
BWL Beam Waterline - widest beam of boat at the waterline
I Height of the foretriangle measured from the top of the highest sheave to the sheerline
I2 Height of staysail halyard above deck
J Base of the foretriangle measured from the front of the mast to the intersection of the forestay and deck
J2 Base of staysail triangle
P Luff length of the mainsail
E Foot length of the mainsail
LP Shortest distance from headstay to the clew of the jib

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