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Ordering Asymmetric Reflex Furling

Use for asymmetric free-flying spinnakers, cruising spinnakers, and gennakers that have a loose positive luff that is longer than the leech.

Boat Requirements

1. Spinnaker halyard

2. Attachment bail or adjustable tack fitting on a bowsprit or bow extension that allows the furler to clear the forestay and bow pulpit.

1. Determine System Size

Refer to "Typical Boat Length" and "Maximum Sail Area" on unit pages to select the correct size. Note: if you plan to use the system for code zero sails, the loads will be higher so the maximum boat length and sail area are smaller.

2. System Components

The Reflex furling system for asymmetric spinnakers includes all components necessary for one asymmetric spinnaker: one drive unit with snap shackle attachment, tack swivel, head swivel, torsion cable, set of cable clamps.

For each additional sail, order these components separately so you can easily switch furled sails using the quick-release T-slot: one tack swivel, head swivel, Reflex torsion cable, and set of cable clamps.

3. Determine Reflex torsion Cable Length

Each system includes a length of torsion cable. To purchase the correct system including the right length of cable, determine your Full Hoist Dimension (FH). To do so, measure the distance between the sail attachment points at the top of the rig and the bow fitting or fully-extended bowsprit. Make sure the kit you select includes more cable than your FH measurement.

4. Attachment to Boat

The standard Reflex furling system for asymmetric spinnakers includes a threaded snap shackle adapter. To change to D shackle or soft-attach 2:1 adjuster see chart.

 Unit High-resistance
D shackle 
2:1  adapter
 1 7351.21 7351.22
 2 7352.21 7352.22
 3 7353.21 7353.22

5. Ordering Furling Line

The Reflex furling system requires continuous furling line. Talk to your rigger about furling line construction using a structural cover over a nonstructural core. Note: have the rigger capture the aft block in the loop before splicing. The furling line loop can load into stanchion leads and drive unit after it is spliced. 

Refer to chart below for line size and length. Double the loop length and add enough length for the overlap in the end-for-end splice.

Unit Line Ø  Length of loop (cruisers) Length of loop (racers)
 1  6 mm (1/4") Measure from furler to
aft lead block in cockpit  
Use J dimension plus length of bowsprit
minus 60 cm (2')  
 2  8 mm (5/16")    
 3  10 mm (3/8")

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