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T-10 Deck Layout


Having a jib cunningham gives the headsail trimmers great upwind shape control. A double-ended 6:1 purchase is led aft along the toe rail in a cascade system using 40 mm T2 blocks. The T2s get tied to the toe rail so no additional holes are needed. The control line is led aft within easy reach of the trimmer and is cleated in a 498 Micro cam with Fast Release Fairlead.




Having a strong and easily controlled vang is critical given the T-10's Dacron main. The vang is comprised exclusively of 40 mm T2™ blocks and a lightweight, high-strength 20 mm lead ring on the boom. Most boats run a 16:1 for the vang, then do a split control line leading aft by way of 40 mm Carbo T2 and cheek blocks. The 150 cleat is on an X-Treme Angle Fairlead either side of cockpit. The fairlead is key so the vang can be trimmed, and more importantly eased, by any crew in the cockpit.



For both speed and precision trimming, the top T10s use a two-speed mainsheet system. The 4:1/16:1 system gives the main trimmer the line speed needed for rounding marks when the boom must come in fast at the leeward gate. The 16:1 fine tune is used when sailing upwind and every inch of sheet movement matters to the main trimmer when trying to get in the groove. A mix of 40 mm T2 and T2 Loops make up the fine tune while 75 mm Carbo singles carry the load on the boom.


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Class History

The Tartan 10 (also known as T-10) is a one-design boat that is easy to sail and race. The T-10s are easily identified because they have flush deck to facilitate movement during a race. Even though it’s a 40-year-old design, the T-10 remains a popular racing boat, especially in the US Great Lakes.

T-10 Class


Boat Specifications

LOA: 33.15 ft (10.10 m)
LWL: 27.00 ft (8.23 m)
Beam: 9.25 ft (2.82 m)
S.A. (reported): 487.00 ft2 (45.24 m2)
Draft (max): 5.83 ft (1.78 m)
Displacement: 7,100 lb (3,221 kg)
Ballast: 3,340 lb (1,515 kg)
S.A./Disp.: 21.16
Bal./Disp.: 47.04
Disp./Len.: 161.03


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