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Nacra 17 Deck Layout


The high-aspect, fully-battened mains on the Nacra 17 provide substantial load. To help the crew get every last inch of trim, Harken developed a 57/40 mm combination ratchet block that attaches to the traveler car. This block, plus the 5-sheave, 57 mm Carbo quadruple, gives sailors a compact 10:1 purchase.




Being able to easily control the camber of the main and the twist of the leach makes all the difference in boat speed, making the cunningham one of the most important controls on a fully-battened mainsail like the Nacra 17. This system uses a combination of Carbo, T18, and high-strength blocks for an 8:1 double-ended system that can be reached from either tack. Two Carbo pivoting lead blocks (headknockers) on each side of the mast swing side-to-side, enabling crew to easily adjust the cunningham from either side of the boat.



Two 57 mm soft-attach Carbo® Ratchamatics make up the spinnaker system. Lashing or splicing the blocks at different places on the boat enables the lead to be fine-tuned to crew preference.


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Class History

Got a need for speed? The Nacra 17 is the ultimate in high-octane excitement. Athletically challenging and huge fun to sail, double trapezes see action at only 12 knots of breeze, with boatspeed of 28 knots common on a beam or broad reach. Curved “C” foils skim the water to reduce drag and create lift, making crew weight less significant and enhancing close racing. A stable hull shape allows quick tacks and jibes for more tactical options downwind.

Nacra 17 Class


Boat Specifications

Hull Length: 5.25 m
Beam: 2.59 m
Mast Length: 9.00 m
Total upwind sail area: 20.10 m²
Spi Area: 19.00 m²
Average crew weight: ±135 kg
Overall weight excl. sails: 138 kg


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