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Melges MC Scow Deck Layout

Ratchamatic® Mainsheet

Use a Ratchamatic® as the second block (furthest aft on the boom) in your 4:1 Carbo mainsheet system. It provides holding power in heavy air, but becomes free-rolling when the wind is light. Ratchet engagement adjusts to suit muscle power.

Cam-Locks: Locking headposts let you fix blocks parallel to the boom to prevent the mainsheet from twisting.



Cascading Vang System

This powerful double-ended 16:1 system features high-strength, lightweight Carbo blocks to give you fingertip sail control from both sides of the boat.



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Class History

The MC-Scow was conceived by Harry C. Melges, Sr., in 1950 and was based on the M-16 hull. In 1965, Harry and son, Buddy Melges, designed today's fiberglass MC- Scow. The MC is sailed single-handed most of the time, but a crew member can be added depending upon the skipper's weight and strength of the wind. Skippers range in age from youths to sailors in their 70s.


MC Scow Builder
MC Scow Class


Boat Specifications

LOA: 16 ft ( 4.8 m)
Beam: 5 ft 8 in (1.7 m)
Main: 135 sq ft (12.5 sq m)
Weight: 420 lb (190.4 kg)


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