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Melges IC37 Deck Layout


The IC37 uses small diameter hi-tech lines to trim the sails. Harken's Performa winches are specifically built for this task. Performa winches are high performance racing winches with sand-blasted grip. A size 46 Self-Tailing Performa two-speed handles the hoists on the cabin top while two more are used to trim the mainsheet. The primaries are size 50 Plain-Top two-speed winches. The plain-top on the primaries allows for quick sheet releases during tacks and jibes.



Winch Handles

The IC37 comes from the builder with a collection of Harken winch handles. These handles were selected by analyzing trimmer and the pit person tasks at each section of the course. Mainsheet handles are aluminum and locking. They are 8” to prevent accidentally hitting the helmsman and they feature SpeedGrips to maximize speed and power in that trimmer's small space. For headsail/kite trimming and halyard adjustments, where handles are removed between maneuvers and seconds count, the 10" Carbo OneTouch Locking Winch handle is specified for its easy lock/unlock function and it's light weight.


Traveler Car

In keeping with the layout of modern Grand Prix race boats, the mainsheet runs from the traveler car, through a turning block, and forward to the mainsheet winch. The IC37 uses a Harken 32 mm Big Boat car with two stand-up toggles for the two mainsheet blocks. The toggles keep the blocks from bouncing around during maneuvers and separating when under load. The main trimmer has the 6:1 purchase within easy grasp from his seat next to the mainsheet winch.


Jib Hobble

There is only one jib on the IC37 and it's hanked onto the headstay. It stays hoisted in any breeze over eight knots. To free up the primary winches for the spin sheets, the jib is sheeted using a hobble system. The jib gybes from side to side running on a piece of Dyneema that acts as a bridle. Three 29 mm Carbo blocks on a stainless-steel ring are the main part of this system.



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Class History

The IC37 is a modern 37-foot design commissioned by the New York Yacht Club to be the centerpiece for its International Invitational Cup. The Class, designed by Mark Mills with standard sails and rigging provided by the industry’s top players, made its debut in the spring of 2018. It was created as a simple, yet elegant design offering top-level performance in all conditions. The I37 is an innovative, one-design class designed specifically to be raced at a very high level by amateur crews. The IC37 is a moderate displacement keelboat that is fun because its high-performance abilities are accessible to non-pro crews. The design brief called for it to offer close one-design racing first, but the boat is also a weapon in handicap racing, both around the buoys and on coastal races. The IC37 is in its element fighting for first amongst other types of boats.

IC37 class

Boat Specifications

LOA 37.06 ft 11.30 m
LWL 34.78 ft 10.60 m
BEAM 11.97 ft 3.65 m
DRAFT 8.20 ft 2.50 m
BALLAST 3,373 lb 1,530 kg
DISPLACEMENT 7,793 lb 3,535 kg


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