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Melges 24 Deck Layout


The 5:1 mainsheet system uses a combination of T2 and Carbo blocks. Both 57 mm T2 blocks hang from Dyneema® strops on the boom. A 57 mm Carbo double mounts on the traveler car. A 75 mm switchable Carbo ratchet mounted on a centrally-located 144 swivel base is the workhorse of the system' allowing the skipper to turn the ratchet off in light air or keep it engaged when holding power is needed.



Jib System

The M24 jib was designed with vertical battens allowing the sail to roll up evenly around the Small Boat furler when sailing downwind or when launching or hauling the boat. The furling drum is set just below deck level' lowering tack height for maximized sail area. An upper swivel is attached to the mast with a T-Ball fitting. The headstay runs up the luff of the jib and attaches to the bottom of the swivel.


Spin Blocks

For quick asymmetrical spinnaker jibes and take downs' M24 sailors use a 75 mm Carbo Ratchamatic cheek block as the last control block before the trimmer. A strong, lightweight Carbo T2 Loop soft-attach block is mounted aft' providing maximum articulation. The Ratchamatic block is load sensing' so when the sheet is dumped through the jibe' the block free-spins without any drag. When the kite fills on the new tack' the ratchet engages' providing the trimmer with 15:1 holding power.


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Class History

The Melges 24 is a turbo-charged one-design that features many high-tech components including a carbon spar, bowsprit, and vertical keel fin. With minimum weight above and maximum weight below, this popular International racer is easy to rig and an exacting platform in all conditions.

Melges 24 Class
Melges Performance Sailboats


Boat Specifications

Length: 24 ft (7.82 m)
Beam: 8 ft 2 in (2.499 m)
Draft: 5 ft (1.52 m)
Weight: 1,783 lb (809 kg)
Main: 264 sq ft (21.0 sq m)
Jib: 126 sq ft (12.0 sq m)
Spinnaker: 670 sq ft (55.9 sq m)


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