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Melges 14 Deck Layout


A 57 mm T2 soft-attach Ratchamatic is rigged from the aft end of the dagger board trunk so it's within easy reach from a full hike. Two 40 mm T2 blocks soft-attached to the boom eliminating corrosion and extra weight. The 40 mm T2 traveler block is tied to an 8 mm lead ring that rides on a fixed Spectra® bridle tied athwartships near the transom.




A combination vang system uses a 3:1 Micro block on the end of a 4:1 16 mm block cascade that cleats inside a compact swivel bracket, giving the vang a 12:1 purchase. It all fits neatly with enough throw between the mast and the boom for a wide range of adjustment.



Because the main is fully-battened, the M14 cunningham system must be powerful and efficient. Double-ended and led to both sides of the cockpit, the 4:1 cunningham is cleated with a Carbo® Micro cleat positioned at the forward crew's fingertips. The double-ended outhaul system cleats are immediately inboard. A mix of Micro and 29 mm Carbo and 18 mm Fly blocks make up these systems.


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Class History

Designed and built by go-fast experts Reichel-Pugh and Melges, the 14 is a user-friendly, modern solo rocket ship. An excellent upwind performer with narrow tacking angles, the 14 cuts cleanly through chop. And boy does it move—upwind and down, in light air or breeze-on. The cockpit is comfortable, large, and self-bailing, and the hull sports contoured “wings” for hiking power. The two-piece tapered carbon mast accommodates a choice of sail sizes to suit a range of sailors and ages. The Melges 14 was selected “Best Dinghy” by Sailing World in 2016.

Melges 14 Class


Boat Specifications

LENGTH: 14 ft (4.267 m)
BEAM: 5 ft 2 in (1.584 m)
DRAFT: 4 ft 6 in (1.374 m)
RED: 58.8 sq ft (5.46 m2)
BLUE: 85 sq ft (7.8 m2)
GOLD: 98 sq ft (9.1 m2)


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