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Laser Deck Layout

The 18 mm T2

This tiny, impact-resistant soft-attach block features a stainless grooved race and stainless balls for a maximum working load of 125 kg (275 lb). The 18 mm T2 blocks are perfect for the control lines and on the boom for the outhaul.



Mainsheet Blocks

Harken’s class-approved system brings the low-friction smoothness of ball bearings to your boom and traveler blocks.



Enjoy power and efficiency with the class-legal 15:1 Laser vang. You'll get the most out of the boat regardless of your size.


Clew Sleeve

Pulling the sail flush with the boom, the low-friction clew sleeve slides smoothly without binding. Rigging is fast and simple; the hook locks the clew securely in a single motion.

The Harken Laser clew sleeve, Laser vang, and Laser mainsheet blocks are available through your Laser dealer. Dealer listings available at www.LaserPerformance.com.


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Class History

The International Laser is one of the most popular singlehandlers in history. This physically demanding dinghy follows strict one-design regulations and tests a sailor’s endurance and finesse as much as tactical skill. The boat has changed little since Bruce Kirby’s original 1971 design, but Harken’s recent innovations are now class legal. The 15:1 cascaded vang, 10:1 cunningham, and low-friction clew sleeve make fine-tune adjustments a breeze.

International Laser Class
Laser Performance
Harken Canvas


Boat Specifications

LOA 4.23 m (14 ft)
Beam 1.42 m (4.6 ft)
Draft 0.9 m (2.9 ft)
Mast Height 5.9 m (19 ft)
Sail Area 7.06 sq m (76 sq ft)
Weight 59 kg (130 lb)


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