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J/88 Deck Layout


The J/88 has a two-speed, double-ended mainsheet to handle its high aspect ratio, large roached main. The gross tune 6:1 system uses a 75 mm Carbo fiddle and 75 mm Carbo single on the boom, and a ratchet block with swivel base to trim and ease the main quickly. To dial in the main, an 18:1 fine-tune system, (57 mm Carbo fiddle ratchet, 144 swivel base, and 40 mm single with becket) makes it easy for the trimmer to help the helmsman find the groove.




J/Boats choose the MKIV Unit 0 Underdeck furler to keep the headsail as low to the deck as possible, while still being able to furl going downwind or at the dock. This sleek, low-windage furler is the perfect choice for racers and cruisers looking for a clean foredeck.



Two high-strength wire blocks handle the high loads in this 24:1 backstay system. A 2" single wire block is the first part of the cascade before splitting off to a 1.5" single wire block. A 40 mm Carbo triple sheave block quadruples the purchase from the lower wire block before sending the control ends to either side of the cockpit within easy reach of the mainsail trimmer and skipper.


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Class History

This 29-foot “little big boat” is the perfect choice for a family racer and daysailer. Balanced, and easy to handle upwind and down, this seaworthy sloop features a large sit-in cockpit, and comfortable over-nighting interior. But on the race course, this pocket rocket lets loose and flies, with the speed and get-up-and-go of a sportboat. A single-point lift makes it easy to launch.

The J/88 is the recipient of numerous accolades including being named Best Boat Under 30 Ft by Sailing World, and Best Performance Boat Under 40 Ft by Yachts and Yachting.



Boat Specifications

LOA: 29.19 ft / 8.90 m
LWL: 26.84 ft / 8.18 m
Beam: 9.50 ft / 2.90 m
Standard Draft: 6.50 ft / 1.98 m
Standard Ballast: 1,840 lb / 835 kg
Displacement: 4,990 / 2,264 kg
Engine: 14 hp
100% SA 439 ft² / 40.80 m²
I: 38.67 ft / 11.79 m
ISP: 41.60 / 12.68 J: 11.28 ft / 3.44 m
P: 36.82 ft / 11.22 m
E: 12.00 ft / 3.66 m


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