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J/70 Deck Layout

Underdeck Furler

The 493 Underdeck furler lowers tack height, maximizing sail area. A ball bearing swivel on the headstay, allows you to raise/lower the jib or adjust luff tension. The jib halyard exits the mast and attaches to a 40 mm 2621 Carbo fiddle; the control line leads through a 40 mm 2148 T2™ Loop block and adjusts using a 396 29 mm Carbo Pivoting Lead block with Carbo-Cam.



Mainsheet System

The 5:1 mainsheet system features 2148 and 2151 Carbo T2 blocks that hang from a Dyneema® strop attached to the boom. A 2621 57 mm Carbo fiddle rides on the traveler car. A 57 mm 2135 Carbo ratchet atop a 144 swivel base finishes the system. The switchable ratchet allows the skipper to turn the ratchet off in light air, or on when grip is needed.


Spinnaker Halyard

A 40 mm 2156 Carbo® Pivoting Lead block attaches to the back of the mast. The spinnaker halyard exits the mast at centerline, runs through the 2156, and cleats at a 150 aluminum cam. The 2156 has a weight savings of almost 20% over the stainless version it replaces without sacrificing load capacity.


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Class History

Thanks to a perfect mix of double-digit speed, quick planing, exceptional upwind stability, and tracking, the J/70 is your ticket to fun! J-Boats designed this lively, but easily-sailed sportboat to fulfill the needs of a diverse range of sailors—from performance one-design and club racers, to sailing families. A vertical lifting keel makes trailering and ramp-launching a snap. The large cockpit comfortably holds three adults or four mixed crew.

Since its launch in 2012, the popularity of this 22-foot superstar has soared, with growing fleets and regatta action worldwide. Superbly built by CCF Composites, Bristol, R. I., the J/70 was named 2013 Boat of the Year by Sailing World Magazine.

J/70 Class


Boat Specifications

LOA: 22.75 ft; 6.93 m
LWL: 20.47 ft; 6.24 m
Beam: 7.38 ft; 2.25 m
Standard Draft: 4.75 ft; 1.45 m
Standard Ballast: 630 lb; 286 kg
Displacement: 1,750 lb; 794 kg
Engine: outboard
100% SA: 226 ft2; 21.02 m2
I: 26.77 ft; 8.159 m
ISP: 30.15 ft; 9.19 m
J: 7.68 ft; 2.34 m
P: 26.16 ft; 7.97 m
E: 9.44 ft; 2.88 m
SA/Dspl: 25
Dspl/L: 91


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