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J/105 Deck Layout

Gross-Trim, Fine-Tune Mainsheet

The divided cascading system runs the powerful fine-tune lead aft, allowing the helmsman to easily optimize sail shape on a light air beat. The gross-trim runs forward to the trimmer for fast mark roundings. To use this efficient system, simply add a 144 swivel base and third-party mainsheet adapter plate to your existing hardware.



MKIV Unit 1 Furler

MKIV's are easy to adjust for reefing and furling. When racing in non-class events, J/105 sailors can take the spool off and use the double-groove foil for fast sail changes.



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Class History

The J/105 is a family racer/cruiser that combines a simple sailplan, clean deck layout and practical interior, with enough get-up-and-go to suit the most avid competitor. With sustained speeds of over 14 knots, this maneuverable keelboat features cockpit control at its best: an asymmetrical pole-launched chute, double-spreader fractional rig, lots of sail area and a roller furling jib.. The J/105 is optimized for shorthanded sailing; it can easily be cruised by two or raced by three or four. It was selected as Boat of the Year in the Racer/Cruiser category by Sailing World magazine.

J/105 Class


Boat Specifications

Loa: 34.5 ft (10.51 m)
LWL: 29.5 ft (8.99 m)
Beam: 11.0 ft (3.35 m)
Draft: 6.5 ft (1.98 m)
Displacement: 7.750 lb (3, 515 kg)
Lead Keel: (3,400 lb (1,542 kg)
J: 13,5 ft (4.12 m)
P: 41/5 ft (12.65 m)
E: 14.6 ft (4.45 m)


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