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Farr 30 Deck Layout


A cascaded 16:1 backstay with a 4:1 and twin 2:1 purchases provides the power to tune the sail shape when the breeze exceeds 7 knots.The double-ended 4:1 runs forward to 29 m Carbo AirBlocks® behind the mainsheet traveler and cleats on either side of the cockpit. Using backstay tension to add mast bend and headstay tension depowers both the mainsail and the jib.




57 mm Carbo AirBlocks® and a ratchet block mounted on a swiveling base on the cockpit floor make the Farr 30's 6:1 gross-tune mainsheet system easy to adjust from any angle. A 4:1 double-ended fine-tune is lead to either side of the cockpit through 40 mm Carbo blocks, resulting in a final 24:1 purchase. A pendant (dark blue) reduces the distance between blocks for a shsorter mainsheet and faster trimming.


Mainsheet Traveler

The Farr 30 has a double-ended captive ball bearing CB traveler system. The powerful 5:1 controls terminate on the cockpit sides next to the backstay and mainsheet for complete mainsail control by the helmsman and mainsheet trimmer.



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Class History

Farr Yacht Design had the fun and simplicity of dinghies in mind when they created the Farr 30 (formerly the Mumm 30). The 9.43-meter boat has several design features which make it fast and easy to sail, such as a carbon mast and a layout that reduces crew size. High stability and a fractional rig give the Farr 30 speed upwind, while a choice of symmetrical or asymmetrical spinnakers provides versatile control downwind. The class association upholds strict one-design rules to keep costs down while maintaining a large and competitive fleet. As of May 2008, US Watercraft M30s are equipped with complete Harken winch and hardware packages.

Farr 30 Class


Boat Specifications

LOA: 9.43 m (30.94 ft)
Beam: 3.07 m (27.56 ft)
Displacement: 2,063 kg ( 4,548 lb)
Ballast: 950 kg (2095 lb)
IM: 11.67 m (38.29 ft)
ISP: 13.77 m (45.18 ft)
SPL: 4.14 m (13.58 ft)
J: 3.32 m (10.89 ft)
P: 12.36 m (40.55 ft)
E: 4.44 m (14.57 ft)


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