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Day Sailer Deck Layout

Spinnaker System

Simple and straight forward, the Day Sailer uses a guy hook instead of a twing line. A 150 cam cleat on a one-inch riser secures the guy. With the help of a 110 through-deck block, the spinnaker sheets turn belowdeck near the transom, then run forward to 57 mm ratchet cheek blocks that are within easy reach of the crew.




Some of the hot Day Sailers in the class use a “split tail” mainsheet set-up. The mainsheet is trimmed by the skipper at the end of the centerboard trunk from a 57 mm ratchet on a swivel base. The sheet runs from the ratchet to a 57 mm single and turns aft to a second 57 mm single. As the sheet exits the aft block, it splits in two with each leg deadending on an eyestrap on the transom. The legs are tied, so when the main is sheeted upwind, it pulls the boom to the center of the boat instead of just tightening the leech.


Jib Sheet

The jib is sheeted through a 57 mm ratchet on a Small Boat track and pinstop car for lead adjustment. From the ratchet, the sheet runs to a 40 mm standup block on the thwart where it is cleated with a cam on the centerboard trunk. To bring the lead inboard, an inhauler on the aft edge of the cabin top is adjusted by the crew. A pair of Micro cams is more than up to the task.


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Class History

Designed in 1957 by Olympian George O’Day and English boat designer Uffa Fox, this timeless, family-oriented one-design combines the ease of sailing with the challenges of racing. On the race course, the sloop-rigged 17-footer is responsive to the helm and planes easily for exciting tactical competition. As a family daysailer, a broad beam provides stability and cockpit space for six adults. It can comfortably sleep two in the cuddy cabin on overnighters—more if a tent is added to the boom. The Day Sailer was inducted in the American Sailboat Hall of fame in 2003 and is built by the Cape Cod Shipbuilding Company in Wareham, MA.

Day Sailer Class


Boat Specifications

Crew: 2
Draft: 3.75 ft (1.143 m)

Type: Monohull
Construction: Fiberglass
Hull weight: 575 lbs (261 kgm)
LOA: 16.75 ft (5.105 m)
Beam: 6.00 ft (1.829 m)

Mast length: 22.50 ft (6.858 m)

Spinnaker area: 95 sq ft (8.8 m2)
Upwind sail area: 145.0 sq ft (13.47 m2)

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