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C Scow Deck Layout


The C Scow has a big, big main that needs constant adjustment to keep the boat on its rail. It needs blocks that are strong, light, and efficient under load. The 4:1 mainsheet system is made up of 57 mm Carbo T2 blocks and a 75 mm ratchet that sheets off the backbone.




Being able to easily control the camber of the main and the twist of the leach makes all the difference in boat speed, making the cunningham one of the most important controls on a fully-battened mainsail like the Nacra 17. This system uses a combination of Carbo, T18, and high-strength blocks for an 8:1 double-ended system that can be reached from either tack. Two Carbo pivoting lead blocks (headknockers) on each side of the mast swing side-to-side, enabling crew to easily adjust the cunningham from either side of the boat.



With its rotating mast, its large main, and a deck that extends well behind the mast, the C Scow requires a very powerful vang. The vang is attached to a Small Boat high-load curved-race traveler car on a U-shaped track. All the purchase of this highly-loaded vang is belowdeck and out of the way of the crew.


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Class History

The C scow is highly maneuverable, furiously fast, and a ton of fun. It has been an intergenerational fixture on the inland lakes for well over 100 years. Cat-rigged, and flat-bottomed, this tactical 20-footer features two bilge boards and sails fastest heeled at an angle of 25 degrees. A large single rudder handles maneuvers. The C is raced with two, or three in a blow. For optimum performance, combined crew weights should never exceed 475 pounds.

Melges Boat Works, Zenda, Wisconsin, offers a complete line of these kings of the inland lakes: C, E, A, MC, 17 and X Boat.

C Scow Class


Boat Specifications

Length: 20 ft (6.096 m)
Beam: 6 ft 9 in (2.057 m)
Weight: 650 lb (294.835 kg)
Main: 216 sq ft (20.067 sq m)
Crew: 2-3


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