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Beneteau First 36.7 Deck Layout

Carbo Racing Foil

For speed and control during headsail changes, the Carbo Racing Foil's twin wide-mouthed grooves let you have both sails up at the same time. Compared to PVC, they are lighter, lower friction, and much more impact resistant. Foils include a free chaff guard.




This gross-trim/fine-tune setup gives you the extra power of a 24:1 purchase without sacrificing speed. Crank on the 6:1 at the leeward mark and then use the fine-tune lead for precision adjustments upwind.




Backstay tension is second only to mainsheet trim on the 36.7, so it's critical to have a powerful system with low-friction blocks. The maximum 48:1 backstay upgrade consists of three 2:1s and a 6:1 in a cascaded purchase.

Black Magic® Air Runners have captive roller bearings and vibration-dampening sideload bearings—Perfect for the backstay.


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