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49er Deck Layout

Mainsheet System

Our lightweight, high-strength T2™ Loop blocks are perfect for use as mainsheet blocks. In place of a metal shackle, they feature a loop system that slides through the block head and over the anchor post for a secure connection. This is a strong, lightweight, fully-articulating alternative to a shackle.

Lash our T2 Ratchamatic® block to the boom for fast, efficient trimming. With a minimum of moving parts, this soft-attach weighs only a few ounces. Pressure on the line engages the ratchet mechanism, which switches seamlessly from free-running to ratchet mode.



Spinnaker Launcher and Retrieval System

This powerful T2 spinnaker system quickly raises the sail and extends the bowsprit with a single line. The same line pulls the sail both up and down. A second lead retracts the pole and pulls the spinnaker back into the sock.


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Class History

Designed by Australian Julian Bethwaite in 1996, this adrenalin-pumping, double-handed skiff is the fastest and wildest of the Olympic dinghies. Both the 49er and 49erFX Olympic women's skiff come equipped with carbon masts (the FX rig is designed for lighter crew), twin trapezes, and huge asymmetric spinnakers. Distinctive wings provide crew maximum leverage for fast, flat sailing in strong pressure. The boat’s flexible topmast increases control in gusts—essential for a rig that is at full power in eight knots! The 49er and 49erFX attract competitors looking for speed and excitement and require a high degree of technical skill to sail well.

International 49er Class
Harken Canvas


Boat Specifications

LOA: 4876 mm-16 ft 4 in
Beam: w.o/w wings-1752 mm/2743 mm (5 ft 9 in/9 ft)
Draft: 1447 mm (4 ft 9 in)
Weight: 74.25 kg (210 lb)
Main/Jib: 19.97 sq. m (215 sq. ft)
Spinnaker: 37.16 sq m (400 sq. ft)