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Digital System Switch Q&A

Why digital? Every switch out there uses an analog format.
Designing a dependable system that is easy to use was our highest priority. We chose digital over an analog system because it’s safer. It translates electrical information into a binary format that won’t allow the system to start without the signals being verified by the decoder. By contrast, an analog system sends information directly to the powered device and is not as controlled or reliable.

How does the digital decoder work?
When you push the button to activate the switch, it sends a digital signal to the decoder. The decoder converts the signal back into an analog signal to start/stop the function.

Do you have a secondary way of protecting the system in a harsh marine environment?
Yes. Under each control button there is a double-throw switch. When the button is pressed it reverses its position. If this does not happen, the system shuts down. Many winches, furlers, and windlasses are offered with a manual override option using a winch handle.

I know the Digital System Switch is watertight, but don't the seals eventually degrade and leak from exposure to salt and sun?
No. The watertight seals are hidden and never exposed; even in the ON position.

Any other safeguards?
The cover rotates to expose the active buttons. Selecting "OFF" conceals the control function, offering protection against accidental activation.

Do the buttons hold up to long-term wear and tear? bumps and scraps? unexpected impacts?
Absolutely. They're made of tough polyamide engineering resins and can take lots of abuse!

Do I need two switches to operate my winch?
No. Both controls have been incorporated into one switch, taking up half the deck space of similar single-function controls.

What electrical functions can the Digital System Switch operate?
Our switches can control any electrical system. We have three choices of button graphics for easy identification of common systems/functions: up/down arrows (anchors), left/right arrows (furling) and the number 1 and 2 (winches).

Do these switches illuminate for night sailing? I have trouble seeing my controls in the dark and worry about pressing the wrong button.
No worries there. The control buttons feature high-contrast arrows or numbers and are backlit for 24/7 visibility. When properly wired and connected to the thermal switch, the backlight also indicates whether the switch is active or not.

Is the Digital System Switch compatible with both 12V and 24V systems?

I'd like to install the switch close to a cockpit corner. Is this possible?
Sure. The Digital System Switch doesn't have a top lid and rotates to open. You can mount it vertically or close to a cockpit corner.

Is the Digital System Switch easy to install?
Yes. These switches use a high-strength, double-sided adhesive mounting system for fast installation. The decoder is clearly labeled showing which wires connect to the battery, which to the relay control box, and which to the switch. Simply match up the colors.

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