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Upholstery Cutting


Bevco® Precision Manufacturing, Inc.


Product description:

Harken Canvas is part of this customer's supply chain for approximately 60,000 high-quality, ANSI/BIFMA-compliant chairs manufactured each year. Made in the USA, these office and specialty chairs are ergonomically designed and are upholstered with carefully selected materials to improve fire resistance.


The Role of Harken Canvas:

Our shared commitment to excellence has maintained a strong relationship with the customer since 2014. The client provides patterns and materials, including specialty fabrics like anti-static ESD upholstery for 13-plus models. We input the patterns into our cutter, optimizing the layout to minimize wasted upholstery. This reduces the customer's material costs and limits the carbon footprint before cutting the fabric. For some models, Harken Canvas assembles and sews upholstery pieces to client specifications before shipping them back to the client where they're installed over seating foam on the frame.


Bevco is a registered trademark of BEVCO PRECISION MANUFACTURING CO.