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Lectra Vector TT FX Vacuum Cutting Table

Cut and Fit Are Everything

Harken Canvas uses a conveyor-fed vacuum cutting machine called the Lectra Vector TT FX. It is used for canvas and upholstery cutting, fabric swatch books, tactical gear uniforms, bosun chairs, safety harnesses, boat covers and more. The machine operates efficiently and produces projects with precision and accuracy. The goal is to make the perfect cut and/or fit each time it is used.


High-Tech Capabilities

The Vector provides:

  • Large runs, saving time and money
  • One-off prototypes for the unique needs
  • Multiple-layer, material stack cutting, conserving time and costs


Customer Projects

The process of creating unique customer projects often involves multiple team players (sometimes including our highly-skilled and talented sewers), each playing an integral role. Customers send us designs through an AutoCAD file or speak with us directly about their vision. We set up the file, then send it to the machine to begin the production process. Communication is very important, ensuring we are all on the same page with the same goal.

Harken Canvas has the high-tech capabilities to work with many different kinds of materials such as carbon fiber, outdoor canvas, felt and fleece. For a full list of materials, go here.

The Vector has helped bring opportunity, efficiency, speed and precision to our projects for over 10 years, bringing customer satisfaction to a new level.

Call today, we will work to exceed your needs.


Learn more about Harken Canvas capabilities here.