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Industrial Dust Covers


Surfacide® Manufacturing

Product description:

Surfacide® products make hospitals safer with UV-V light emitters that destroy multi drug-resistant organisms wherever directed. By preventing scratches and dust buildup that could reduce or scatter the emitters output, our custom nine-ounce polyester covers help protect the effectiveness of this critical patient safeguard. Regardless of your industry or the equipment you use, dust covers help to protect your investment. If you manufacture the equipment, consider adding a custom cover to add value to your product or offer as an add-on sale item.

The Role of Harken Canvas:

For this product, Harken Canvas visited the facility to measure the Surfacide emitters and create patterns; then completed the cutting at our Wisconsin facility. Before sewing and finishing the pieces, we coordinated with a trusted local company to print eye-catching logos that promote and differentiate the CE-certified emitters when not in use. We strive to provide a full-service solution to customers that don’t have specialists in-house, and don’t have time to coordinate with multiple companies.



Surfacide is a registered trademark of Waldemar Lyslo.