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Covers for Training Robots


Krausko LLC


Product Description:

Krausko LLC specializes in technologically-advanced sports practice, tactical and exercise equipment. Harken Canvas creates durable outer shells for their gear.


The Role of Harken Canvas

Harken Canvas manufactures:

  • Football Blocking Pads: We produce the outer shell of football blocking pads with arms using high-strength fabric. The shells are made into durable and realistic defenders ensuring they are practice-ready.
  • Tactical Training Gear: We make the heavy-duty outer shell for tactical perpetrator dummies used for training exercises for law enforcement and military personnel.

The process involved in making these products is extensive, precise and includes multiple Harken Canvas team players as well as the highly dependable Vector cutting machine. We meet with Krausko about their specific vision for each project. Once we know what they are looking for, we place the specifications into the cutting machine and begin production.

“Krausko receives one-on-one service to ensure they get exactly what they ask for and we feel good about that. Communication is key to make sure we are all on the same page and Krausko's goals are met.” - Mary Ann Morgan, Harken Canvas Department Manager


Learn more about Harken Canvas capabilities here.