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Chutes and Catch Cloths


Bimbo Bakeries USA


Product description:

Used to improve efficiency in maintenance and production, these coated 18-ounce vinyl catch cloths were installed under baking industry conveyor belts. They provide a cleaner environment by keeping errant product from being transferred throughout the plant and save time during cleanup as all of the spillage is contained in one area. In addition, matching chutes distribute bulk ingredients such as flour to the mixer units quickly and efficiently.

Catch cloths are especially popular in the food processing industries to prevent product from dropping onto other lines or to the floor, but can be used underneath any conveyor where falling material can be a nuisance.


The Role of Harken Canvas:

Harken Canvas worked with our customer to develop concepts for both products including onsite visits to measure the equipment and create custom patterns. This attention to detail coupled with our digital cutting process and hands-on customer service assured a perfect fit for both the products and the needs of our customer.