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Wire High-Strength

Wire High-Strength

Lightweight, low-friction wire blocks carry wire halyards and high-strength control lines on boats of all sizes. High-load composite bearings carry axial loads. Hard Lube-anodized sheave for strength and corrosion resistance. 25 mm (1") wire blocks use low-friction thrust washers. 38 mm (1.5") and 51 mm (2") wire blocks feature sideload balls between the sheave and the sideplate to minimize friction from unfair leads. 466 features a forkhead and becket making it useful for vangs, halyards and control lines.


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High-load composite bearings h…

High-load composite bearings handle wire and high-strength line.

Wire High-Strength

25mm Wire Block — Shackle

Wire High-Strength

25mm Wire Cheek Block

Wire High-Strength

25mm Through-Deck Wire Block

Wire High-Strength

25mm Wire Block — Becket

Wire High-Strength

25mm Forkhead Wire Block — Becket

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