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9mm Loup™ — 280 mm Length

Part No. 3141

Length (mm) 280 mm

Length (in) 11 in

Ø (mm) 9 mm

LOUP soft attachments replace heavy stainless steel shackles on racing and cruising boats. Weight savings on large offshore boats can be as much as 91 kg (200 lb).
Ø (mm)9 mm
Length (in)11 in
Length (mm)280 mm
Weight (g)55 g
Weight (oz)2 oz
Vertical MWL (kg)1630 kg
Vertical MWL (lb)3600 lb
Choker MWL (kg)1305 kg
Choker MWL (lb)2880 lb
With basket MWL (kg)3265 kg
With basket MWL (lb)7200 lb

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