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SnubbAir (Not a Winch)

SnubbAir (Not a Winch)

It looks like a winch. It mounts like a winch. It cranks like a winch. It’s not a winch. It could act more like a really large ratcheting foot, cheek block, or even a ratcheting line diverter in the pit. The SnubbAir provides lots of line-holding power even without a winch handle. That muscle could become very popular on an A Scow or a powered-up sport boat where the spinnakers can be more than a handful. Even better, you can just flip the sheet off the drum and jibe. If you need even more holding power, wrap the sheet around the SnubbAir twice or use a winch handle with the optional adapter.


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Use the optional winch handle …

Use the optional winch handle adapter to crank the SnubbAir like a winch.

The SnubbAir is smaller and li…

The SnubbAir is smaller and lighter than the winch it replaces.

SnubbAir (Not a Winch)


SnubbAir (Not a Winch)

SnubbAir Winch Handle Adapter

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