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Single-Acting Cylinders

Single-Acting Cylinders

Harken offers a full range of hydraulic cylinders to handle mast, sail, and keel controls on cruising and racing yachts. Components are designed to reduce weight and size, and to increase structural strength for years of high-stress use in corrosive marine environments. Harken-certified service centers can be found in countries around the world. Single-acting cylinders have air-spring returns. Cylinder tubes are mirror-polished stainless steel, Hard Lube-anodized aluminum, or titanium, with high-strength XM-19 stainless steel rods and pins. Cylinders include a standard clevis jaw on both ends, but can also be fitted with blocks and different eye types. Custom cylinder lengths are also available.


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High-strength XM-19 stainless steel rods and pins. Durable, low-friction polyurethane seals and bronze-filled PTFE piston seals. O-rings in nonabsorbent polyurethane seals for consistent fit.

Single-Acting Cylinders

-150 Single-Acting Cylinder — 475mm Stroke

Single-Acting Cylinders

-150 Single-Acting Cylinder — 700mm Stroke

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