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900 Electric UniPower Self-Tailing Radial All-Chrome Winch

900 Electric UniPower Self-Tailing Radial All-Chrome Winch

Part No. 900UPWCCC

Maximum line Ø (mm) 14 mm

Maximum line Ø (in) 9/16 in

Configuration Self-tailing

Speed 1

F (mm) 105 mm

The UniPower is a single-speed winch that combines the advantages of a low-profile manual winch with the power of a 12- or 24-volt, low-amp-draw motor. What makes it unique is that the motor is partially imbedded inside the drum, so that it extends only 105 mm (4 1/8 inches) below the winch base—a critical feature for small boats where space under the cabin top is limited. Composite roller bearings reduce friction under load and don’t require lubrication. Gears are 17-4PH stainless steel for strength and durability. Harken recommends the single function digital switch DSSBK and circuit breaker HCP1717. Sold separately.
Height (in)8 1/2 in
Height (mm)215 mm
Weight (kg)15.7 kg
Weight (lb)34.6 lb
Maximum line Ø (mm)14 mm
Maximum line Ø (in)9/16 in
Fasteners (mm)M8 SH mm
Fasteners (in)5/16 SH in
Fastener circle (mm)160 mm
Fastener circle (in)6 5/16 in
Drum Ø (mm)110 mm
Drum Ø (in)4 3/8 in
Base Ø (mm)190 mm
Base Ø (in)7 1/2 in
Line entry height (mm)100 mm
Line entry height (in)3 15/16 in
Minimum line Ø (mm)8 mm
Minimum line Ø (in)5/16 in
Number of fasteners5
E (mm)35 mm
E (in)1 3/8 in
F (mm)105 mm
F (in)4 1/8 in
G (mm)140 mm
G (in)5 1/2 in
Maximum pulling load (kg)900 kg
Maximum pulling load (lb)1984 lb