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500 Electric Unipower Radial Aluminum Winch

500 Electric Unipower Radial Aluminum Winch

Part No. 500UPWA

Configuration Self-tailing

Speed 1

Maximum line Ø (mm) 14 mm

Maximum line Ø (in) 9/16 in

F (mm) 76 mm

The UniPower is a single-speed winch that combines the advantages of a low-profile manual winch with the power of a 12-, 24-, or 48-volt, low-amp-draw motor. What makes it unique is that the motor is partially imbedded inside the drum, so that it extends only 105 mm (4 1/8") below the winch base—a critical feature for small boats where space under the cabintop is limited.
Drum Ø (mm)99 mm
Drum Ø (in)3 9/10 in
Base Ø (mm)146 mm
Base Ø (in)5 7/10 in
Height (mm)200 mm
Height (in)7 9/10 in
Weight (kg)6.7 kg
Weight (lb)15 lb
Line entry height upper (mm)83 mm
Line entry height upper (in)3 1/4 in
Minimum line Ø (mm)8 mm
Minimum line Ø (in)5/16 in
Maximum line Ø (mm)14 mm
Maximum line Ø (in)9/16 in
Fastener circle (mm)123 mm
Fastener circle (in)4 8/10 in
Fasteners (mm)M6 SH mm
Fasteners (in)1/4 SH in
Maximum pulling load (kg)500 kg
Maximum pulling load (lb)1102 lb
E (mm)48 mm
E (in)1 9/10 in
F (mm)76 mm
F (in)3 in
G (mm)85 mm
G (in)3 5/16 in