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2-Speed Auto Shift Pump — Pressure Relief

2-Speed Auto Shift Pump — Pressure Relief

Part No. HYPM2

Maximum pressure (bar) 345 bar

Maximum pressure (psi) 5000 psi

Our 2-speed pump is built for smaller hydraulic systems, but features the same high-quality components as the 3-speed pump. At preset points, the pump automatically shifts to the next speed. Shift points can be adjusted to fit crew strength and sailing style.
Fasteners (mm)M8 mm
Weight (kg)1.95 kg
Weight (lb)4.3 lb
Output/stroke (push and pull) 1st (in³)0.99 in³
Output/stroke (push and pull) 1st (cc)16.3 cc
Output/stroke (push and pull) 2nd (in³)0.25 in³
Output/stroke (push and pull) 2nd (cc)4.1 cc
Maximum pressure (bar)345 bar
Maximum pressure (psi)5000 psi
Ports/fittings suction3/8" hose barb
Ports/fittings pressure1/4" 37° JIC