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Power Systems

Power Systems

When designing a powered system, we first gather information on the number of functions as well as flow and pressure requirements for each. Every powered system is different. Harken is committed to providing systems designed specifically to account for flow, pressure, and other performance requirements of each project. We also talk to the customer about how the boat will be used to assure the system will perform as expected. Harken DC hydraulic systems power functions including cylinders, vangs, lifting keels, winches, furlers, windlasses, and small bow thrusters. The system is comprised of three main components: • The power unit includes motors and pumps to deliver oil. We offer a variety of options for different flow and pressure needs. All power units include return filtration, motor temperature sensors, and tank level sensors. • Valves direct and deliver oil to hydraulic functions. Our family of modular cartridge manifold valves stack together for an extremely flexible system. These zero-leak valves have flow and pressure controls as well as pressure relief. • The electrical control box is the brain of the system. On-deck push button controls turn valves and pumps on/off. Our latest control boxes all include a small PLC controller to map inputs to outputs. Boxes come pre-wired. Simply plug M12 cables to connectors on the outside of the box. We provide hands-on service for all Harken hydraulic power systems and we look forward to serving our customers beyond their expectations. Please contact us with any of your hydraulic powered system needs. We will be happy to provide detailed specifications and a quote. For more information, please contact Beau LeBlanc.


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High-flow, low-pressure power …

High-flow, low-pressure power units are ideal for powering winches, furlers, small windlasses, and thrusters.

High-pressure, low-flow compac…

High-pressure, low-flow compact power units are perfect for powering cylinder functions.

Modular cartridge manifold val…

Modular cartridge manifold valves.

Power Systems

Unit 1 Hydraulic Power System — One Motor

Power Systems

Unit 2 Hydraulic Power System — Two Motors

Power Systems

Unit 3 Hydraulic Power System — Three Motors

Power Systems

Hydraulic Pressure Booster Manifold — 2.5 Liter

Power Systems

Hydraulic Pressure Booster Manifold — 5.0 Liter

Power Systems

Unit HP Hydraulic Power System — One Motor

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