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Peter's Desk Drawer

Peter's Desk Drawer

Question: Did you ever make one of those in stainless with two beckets and a swivel? Answer: Probably. Take a look in Peter’s desk drawer. Harken has been designing marine hardware for quite a while. During that time we’ve gotten a lot of suggestions for what else we should design and sell. “That product is great. But if you could make that and add this____ it would be perfect.” Some of these adaptations now live among our best sellers. Then, there’s another group that are slight adaptations of catalog parts…. You’ll find this collection in Peter’s Desk Drawer and now we’re opening it up. These products are priced like Harken catalog products. They’re not misfit toys. We build them this way on purpose, maybe there’s one just perfect for the application you just found. You never know what products you’ll find in that desk drawer. So keep coming back. If you don’t find what you're looking for, please call 1 (262) 691-3320 or email Harken Technical Service. Those guys know virtually every product we’ve ever made!
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