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75mm Ratchamatic Flip-Flop Block - 1.5x Grip

75mm Ratchamatic Flip-Flop Block - 1.5x Grip

Part No. HSB564

Sheave Ø (mm) 75 mm

Sheave Ø (in) 3 in

Maximum line Ø (mm) 12 mm

Maximum line Ø (in) 7/16 in

Maximum working load (kg) 340 kg

Maximum working load (lb) 750 lb

Small Boat Flip-Flop blocks rotate around the line axis to keep the line close to the deck. Hinged construction allows for various lead angles and increased freedom for crews to move around. This product replaces the traditional black 10:1 holding power sheave with the titanium colored Power3 sheave. That sheave has more facets. It offers 15:1 holding power but can be bit tougher to release seamlessly in the lulls.
Sheave Ø (mm)75 mm
Sheave Ø (in)3 in
Length (mm)143 mm
Length (in)5 5/8 in
Width (mm)64 mm
Width (in)2 1/2 in
Height (mm)89 mm
Height (in)3 1/2 in
Weight (g)304 g
Weight (oz)11 oz
Maximum line Ø (mm)12 mm
Maximum line Ø (in)7/16 in
Number of fasteners4
Fasteners (mm)6 mm
Fasteners (in)1/4 in
Maximum working load (kg)340 kg
Maximum working load (lb)750 lb
Breaking load (lb)1500 lb
Breaking load (kg)680 kg

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