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Harken Performa winches combine the high-efficiency of the Radial line with the sandblasted grip of Harken carbon-fiber racing winches for powerful hybrids. Optimized to handle the high-strength line used on sportboats and performance cruisers, Performa winches are a great solution for crew who don’t wish to invest in carbon winches or who need racing winches in smaller sizes. Winches come in self-tailing, plain-top, or Quattro styles; manual, electric (12- or 24-volt), or hydraulic drives.


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Maximum holding power for high-tech line

Sandblasted drums and ribs optimized for halyard and sheeting applications using small-diameter, high-strength line. Patented angle of ribs drives line wraps down when easing to keep them on area of drum that provides best control.

High-strength, lightweight

High-strength composite roller and ball thrust bearings reduce friction under load. Load-carrying gears and pins are 17-4 PH stainless steel for strength, corrosion resistance.

Power-grip jaws shaped for easy line entry, optimum hold

Narrow composite jaws ensure superior holding power on small-diameter, high-strength line Lower jaw adjusts under line pressure; accepts a variety of line sizes.

Adjustable stripper arm integrated into winch top for safer operation

Stripper arm completely covers rotating winch top, preventing fingers and clothing from catching in moving parts. Adjusts to multiple positions after the winch is mounted to optimize line exit.

Simple to install, easy maintenance

Stud mounting bolts allow fast installation. Drum removes easily with a flathead screwdriver. Snap-fit design keeps bearings captive when drum is removed for maintenance. Easy to disassemble for service on deck; socket, washer, and screw-top snap-fit together for mistake-free reassembly.


20 Plain-Top Performa™ Winch — AL/2 Speed


20 Self-Tailing Performa™ Winch — AL/1 Speed


35 Plain-Top Performa™ Winch — AL/2 Speed


35 Self-Tailing Performa™ Winch — AL/2 Speed


40 Plain-Top Performa™ Winch — 2 Speed


40 Electric Self-Tailing Performa™ Winch — 2 Speed


40 Self-Tailing Performa™ Winch — 2 Speed


40 Self-Tailing Quattro Performa™ Winch — 2 Drum, 2 Speed


46 Plain-Top Performa™ Winch — 2 Speed

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