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50 Plain-Top Performa™ Winch — 2 Speed

50 Plain-Top Performa™ Winch — 2 Speed

Part No. 50.2PTP

Configuration Plain-top

Speed 2

Power ratio - 1 11.10

Power ratio - 2 50.40

All Performa™ winches feature sandblasted drums optimized for halyard and sheeting applications using small-diameter, high-tech line. Use plain-top winches on sportboats where sails require frequent trimming. Plain-top winches are best handled by two crew—one to trim and one to tail the line.
Drum Ø (mm)110 mm
Drum Ø (in)4 5/16 in
Base Ø (mm)195 mm
Base Ø (in)7 11/16 in
Height (mm)190 mm
Height (in)7 1/2 in
Weight (kg)5.9 kg
Weight (lb)13 lb
Line entry height (mm)97 mm
Line entry height (in)3 13/16 in
Fastener circle (in)5 7/8 in
Fastener circle (mm)150 mm
Fasteners (mm)M8 SH mm
Fasteners (in)5/16 SH in
Number of fasteners5
Gear ratio - 12.40
Gear ratio - 210.90
Power ratio - 111.10
Power ratio - 250.40
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Socket Assembly - 15-80 Radial/Performa Winch

Accepts all Harken winch handles.

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Gear Assembly - 50 Radial/Performa Z11

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Drum Assembly - 50 Performa Winch

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Cover - 50 Plain-Top Performa Winch

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Central Shaft Assembly - 50 Plain-Top Performa Winch