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MKIV Unit 3 Spare Parts

MKIV Unit 3 Spare Parts

Use the purchasable spare parts pdf to identify the component part number you need. To order, click the part name below in red. The parts listed here are the most commonly and easily replaced components. If you need a replacement for something not shown here, contact Harken. Purchasable spare parts pdf
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2124 more info $35.70
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10mm Bow Shackle

Forged stainless steel shackles are polished to a high luster and are stamped with the screw pin diameter. Bow shackles are best for multidirectional loads. Their large interior opening allows plenty of articulation especially when attached to a round bail.

7413.10BASE more info

Unit 3 MKIV Lower Unit

Aluminum line guard and torque tube are deep-saturation hardcoat-anodized, UV-stabilized for durability. Large inner spool diameter increases mechanical advantage for powerful reefing and furling.

7413.32 more info $163.70
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Unit 3 MKIV Bottom Connector with Bushings

Triple-interlock foil joints withstand years of torque loading: foil connectors geometric shape interlocks with foil; secures with syringe-injected adhesive; screws provide final lock.

7413.33 more info

Unit 3 MKIV Foil - 0.61 m

Aerodynamic, clear-anodized aluminum Air foils handle extreme reefing loads.

H-39392 more info $1,123.50
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Halyard Swivel without Shackles - MKIV 3

Lightweight aluminum halyard swivel saves weight aloft to reduce pitching and heeling.

H-39756 more info

Feeder Assembly - MKIV Unit 3

HFG297 more info $107.00
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Connector Bushing Set - MKIV 3

HFG324 more info

Wedge Set - MKIV 3

HFG349 more info

Connector Fastener Set - MKIV 3

HFG627 more info

Connector Set - MKIV 3

HFG672 more info $4.30
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Fastener Set - 2, 3, 4 MKIV Trim Cap

HFG682 more info

Trim Cap Set - MKIV 3

HFG692 more info

Top Cover Assembly - MKIV 3

HFG693 more info

Bottom Flange Assembly - MKIV 3

HFG694 more info

Guard Assembly - MKIV 3

HFG717 more info

Torque Tube Clamp with Fasteners - MKIV 3

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