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MKIV Underdeck Unit 3

MKIV Underdeck Unit 3

Harken’s MKIV Underdeck Jib Reefing & Furling line is the perfect solution for sailors who want an aerodynamic system with a minimal amount of equipment above deck. The underdeck furler provides a low-friction, clean layout solution that minimizes windage, while uncluttering the bow for easy anchor access. Tack sits at deck level, lowering the tack height for maximized sail area. Through-deck bearing into underdeck compartment provides a low profile, nearly watertight system. Typical Boat Length 13.7 - 18.3 m (45' - 60')


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Low-friction efficiency for easy furling and reefing

Ball bearings between center hub and deck bearing, and main shaft reduce friction; drum and halyard swivel turn freely under load.

Improved sail shape and boat control

Independent halyard and tack swivels furl sail center before head and tack for improved sail shape when reefed. Lightweight aluminum halyard swivel saves weight aloft to reduce pitching and heeling.

Fast hoists, douses, reefs, and sail changes

Precision-extruded, double-groove Air foils for smooth sail handling and fast sail changes. Stainless steel feeder allows fast singlehanded hoist and sail changes.

Designed for easy installation

Torque tube fits over existing turnbuckle allowing easy length adjustment. Hub assembly toggle accepts standard turnbuckle using swage, rod, Norseman, or STA-LOK® terminals.

Belowdeck drum fits narrow bows

Outside drum diameter is small.

MKIV Underdeck Unit 3

Unit 3 Underdeck Furling System — 19.1 Pin

MKIV Underdeck Unit 3

Unit 3 Underdeck Furling System — 22.2 Pin

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