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Unit 2 MKIV Ocean Jib Furling System

Part No. 7512.10

Wire Ø (1 x 19 SS) (mm) 11 mm

Wire Ø (1 x 19 SS) (in) 7/16 in

Rod Ø (mm) 9.53 mm

Rod Ø (dash) -22

Clevis pin Ø (mm) 19.1 mm

Clevis pin Ø (in) 5/8 in

MKIV Ocean furling systems for cruisers are engineered for strength, longevity, and ease of use. These free-rolling furlers make all the difference in headsail control by allowing cruisers to furl and reef from the safety of the cockpit, while maintaining great sail shape. MKIV Ocean furling systems offer the same quality as MKIV for racers but without features cruisers don’t need. They are made of hardcoat-anodized aluminum, UV-stabilized for durability and include multiple rows of Torlon® ball bearings to minimize friction and make pulling the furling line a less physical experience. The bearings require no lubrication for easy maintenance and feature a single groove foil.
Wire Ø (1 x 19 SS) (mm)11 mm
Wire Ø (1 x 19 SS) (in)7/16 in
Rod Ø (mm)9.53 mm
Rod Ø (dash)-22
Clevis pin Ø (mm)19.1 mm
Clevis pin Ø (in)5/8 in
Standard headstay length (m)18.38 m
Standard headstay length (ft in)60'4" ft in
Maximum headstay length (m)20.51 m
Maximum headstay length (ft in)67' 4" ft in
A (mm)143 mm
A (in)5 5/8 in
B (mm)231 mm
B (in)9 1/8 in
C (mm)66 mm
C (in)2 9/16 in
D (mm)208 mm
D (in)8 3/16 in
E (mm)97 mm
E (in)3 13/16 in
F maximum (mm)1314 mm
F maximum (in)51 3/4 in
F minimum (mm)1187 mm
F minimum (in)46 3/4 in
G maximum (mm)384 mm
G maximum (in)15 1/8 in
G minimum (mm)306 mm
G minimum (in)12 1/16 in
H maximum (mm)348 mm
H maximum (in)13 15/16 in
H minimum (mm)276 mm
H minimum (in)10 7/8 in
I maximum (mm)164 mm
I maximum (in)6 7/16 in
I minimum (mm)85 mm
I minimum (in)3 3/8 in
Extrusion length (m)2.13 m
Extrusion length (ft in)7' ft in
Luff tape size (mm)5 mm
Luff tape size (in)#6 (6/32) in