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-6 High-Pressure Hose — 4000 psi

-6 High-Pressure Hose — 4000 psi

Part No. HYZHP520N-6

- Size -6

The HYZHP520N -3, -4, and -6 are general-purpose pressure hoses used for oil delivery to cylinders and other motor functions. They feature durable nylon tubing reinforced with high-strength aramid fiber and an abrasion-resistant polyurethane cover. Fittings sold separately. Available in cadmium-plated steel or, for greater durability, stainless steel.
- Size-6
Working pressure (bar)276 bar
Working pressure (psi)4000 psi
Minimum bend radius (mm)64 mm
Minimum bend radius (in)2.5 in
Weight (kg/m)0.13 kg/m
Weight (lb/ft)0.08 lb/ft
FootnoteTypical burst pressure is 4:1.

Typical burst pressure is 4:1.

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