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Part No. HYCBD22

Fits Rod Ø (mm) 22 mm

Reverse Purchase 1:4

These reverse-purchase blocks allow you to move loaded line while keeping cylinder length as short as possible, saving weight and space. They can be used anywhere a reverse purchase is needed: cunninghams, stay deflectors, travelers, and athwartship jib systems.
Length (mm)278 mm
Length (in)10.9 in
Weight (g)2377 g
Weight (oz)83.8 oz
Maximum working load (kg)9769 kg
Maximum working load (lb)21537 lb
Sheave Ø (in)4.3, 3.2 in
Fits Rod Ø (mm)22 mm
Rod thread size (UNF A)7/8-14 UNF A
Sheave Ø (mm)108, 82 mm
Reverse Purchase1:4