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The Harken Hoister is designed to shorten the distance between that piece of adventure gear stored in your garage rafters and the reason you bought it. Hoisters are carefully-designed lifting and storage solutions engineered to make the trip between rafters and roof racks a one-person, single line operation. Hoisters come with 100% low-friction Harken ball-bearing blocks and a patented auto cleat that ensures equipment doesn’t plummet even if the line is accidentally released. Because their mechanical advantage is carefully matched to the size and weight of whatever is being hoisted Hoisters make both raises and lowers safe and uneventful. Your load remains horizontal at all times too. There are versions available for dinghies, bikes, paddleboards, kayaks, Jeep and other vehicle hard tops. A version for general garage storage is also proving itself indispensible in garage rafters everywhere.

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