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6mm Stainless Steel Low-Load Padeye

6mm Stainless Steel Low-Load Padeye

Part No. 3206

Maximum working load (kg) 800 kg

Maximum working load (lb) 1760 lb

Folding padeyes keep your deck and passageways clear. They’re ready when you need to attach a snatch block or fender, but fold safely out of the way when you don’t.
Weight (g)65 g
Weight (oz)2.25 oz
Maximum working load (kg)800 kg
Maximum working load (lb)1760 lb
Breaking load (kg)1600 kg
Breaking load (lb)3520 lb
A (mm)26 mm
A (in)1 in
B (mm)41.5 mm
B (in)1 5/8 in
Fasteners (mm)6 FH mm
Fasteners (in)1/4 FH in
E (mm)14.9 mm
E (in)19/32 in
F (mm)28 mm
F (in)1 1/8 in
C (mm)23 mm
C (in)7/8 in